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Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorneys

Today's legal decision will affect your life for years to come. At Steele Schneider, we believe our clients should be closely involved in the decision making process.

Our attorneys give clients in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania the tools they need to make smart, informed decisions. We thoroughly explain the law, the legal paths available, and the long-term effects of each decision.

Because our clients understand the realities of their current legal situation, they make decisions today that work tomorrow.

Resolving Work-Related Disputes Throughout Western Pennsylvania

As Pittsburgh-area employment lawyers we help employees and employers handle work-related disputes. Steele Schneider has a team of experienced litigators who can efficiently resolve an employment matter for you or for your company.

Whether you are an employee who feels your rights have been violated, or you are an employer who needs assistance defending employee claims, our firm can help.

Education Advocates: Protecting Your Child's Right To Learn

Every child has the right to an education. Some children need more help than others to achieve that education.

At Steele Schneider we have attorneys who are experienced in public school education issues. We understand the cognitive and developmental challenges many children face, and are well aware of the obstacles that children with special needs can face in a public school.

No matter the challenges your child is facing, we work to ensure your child is getting the services he or she needs to be given the opportunity to learn.

Pittsburgh Business Lawyers Providing Broad Legal Services

At Steele Schneider, we help businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas with litigation or dispute resolution, legal entity formation, ongoing business planning, contract drafting and negotiation.

Our firm strives to provide legal advice for all areas of our clients' lives. Our attorneys represent clients whose civil rights have been violated or who are involved in personal injury litigation, and we defend clients who have been accused of criminal offenses, including DUIs. We also guide clients through the process and help clients protect their loved ones through estate planning and advocacy.

Contact our Pittsburgh employment law lawyers at Steele Schneider, to learn how our team of experienced attorneys can help you resolve your legal issue. Initial consultations are free.

We Offer our Clients:

  • Extensive experience in negotiation
  • Education about the legal process
  • Free initial consultation
  • Convenient office location
  • Local appointment options

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