Employment Law

Steele Schneider has substantial experience in representing employees and employers relevant to employment matters, such as:

Steele Schneider has represented both employees and employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and in state and federal courts. Because we have experience representing both employers and employees, we are able to prepare the best possible case for our clients by anticipating arguments and strategies of our opponents.

Employee Rights

On behalf of Pennsylvania employees, we have filed claims of discrimination, wrongful discharge, whistleblower protection, First Amendment and wage disputes. We have also represented a wide range and level of employees in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating employment contracts. We recognize the difficulties created by engaging in litigation against a current or former employer and work hard to maintain a working relationship if at all possible. We have successfully positioned employment disputes for early resolution when it is desirable for our clients, but we also enter each case willing to proceed to trial if it will ensure the best result for our clients.

Employer Defense

Steele Schneider also has significant experience working with employers on all litigation matters. We are skilled at evaluating a case at an early stage in order to work towards an early, cost-effective resolution by positioning a case for negotiated settlement or resolution via summary judgment motion. Additionally, we have significant experience negotiating labor contracts in the private and public sectors. Senior Attorney Charlie Steele has bargained over 60 labor contracts for school districts and advocated over one hundred grievances. Attorney Steele fully understands the psychological dimensions of bargaining as well as the relationship aspects of arriving at a mutually acceptable collective bargaining agreement. It is not always a bully at the bargain table that wins -- winners of negotiations respect their counterparts and know how to convey an attitude of resolve in the context of principled bargaining positions.

If you have any employment issues that you want to discuss, call us for a free consultation. We are confident that you will be well represented in your employment dispute.