Dr. Maryann Anderson

Dr. Maryann Anderson is originally from New Jersey. She has lived in Columbia, Maryland and Erie, Pennsylvania where she has had experience teaching special and regular education programs, supervising special education programs to administering school districts at the highest level as a Superintendent of Schools. She currently resides in Kane, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Anderson is known as a problem solver and has been committed to her passion that education is about what is best for children, not what is easiest for adults. She has presented at over 75 workshops in multiple states in many forums over her career. Presentations included best teaching practices, instruction and assessment, special education regulations, processes and procedures from a district perspective

Clients will find Dr. Anderson to be a good listener, communicative, someone who will work hard with you to meet your child's needs, resourceful and knowledgeable about a variety of programs and school operations.


  • Doctor of Education,
    State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y.
  • Master of Science
    Special Education: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore,
  • Maryland.
    Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education: Kean College of New Jersey
    (Formerly Newark State Teachers' College), Union, New Jersey.


  • Superintendent Letter of Eligibility, Pennsylvania
  • Supervisor of Special Education, Pennsylvania
  • Supervisor of Elementary Education, Pennsylvania
  • Elementary Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Secondary Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Program Specialist, Pennsylvania
  • Special Education Teacher, Pennsylvania, Maryland
  • Elementary Teacher, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey

EXPERIENCE: 38 Years in Education

  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Director of Personnel and Pupil Services
  • Director of Special Education
  • Special Education Teacher
  • First Grade Teacher