Special Education Rights

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Every child has the ability — and the right — to learn, but some need more help than others. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), schools have a legal responsibility to provide extra services and accommodations to children with special needs. When school districts shirk this responsibility, children are the ones who suffer.

At Steele Schneider, in Pittsburgh, our attorneys help children with special needs and their parents enforce the rights provided to them by Section 504.

Johnstown ADA Discrimination Lawyer Enforcing Federal Disability Rights

Under Section 504 and the ADA, schools are required to provide special services and reasonable accommodations to students with special mental or physical needs. The purpose of these accommodations is to enable children with disabilities to enjoy the same educational benefits as other children.

Common accommodations include providing less distracting working and testing environments, visual and hearing aids, allowing children to engage in techniques to manage their hyperactivity and adequately preparing children for changes in routine.

Even if your child's mental or physical learning challenge is not qualified as a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), your child's school is still required to provide extra tools to help your child succeed.

Our Pittsburgh-based team of education lawyers has successfully protected the rights of special needs children throughout Pennsylvania. No matter what stage you are in — determining if your child has the right to a Section 504 plan or struggling to obtain ADA accommodations from your child's school — our attorneys can help.

Advocates For Children Providing Unique Insight

At Steele Schneider, we are uniquely positioned to provide children with special needs and their parents with the best possible legal representation.

Our attorneys have special insight into the inner workings of school districts. We have a former teacher and a senior attorney with a Ph.D. in education on staff.

Our firm also believes that your financial position as a parent shouldn't dictate whether or not your child gets the support he or she needs in school. Our firm operates on a fee-shifting basis, meaning there is very little cost to the parent.

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